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ACO Reach

CMS’ ACO REACH program makes it possible for providers to enter into full risk arrangements for the Original Medicare beneficiary population. Early program results have been encouraging but challenges remain for many participants. There is not at this time an opening for new applicants, however providers can choose to contract through an existing REACH ACO.

If you are seeking to improve performance of your ACO REACH Global or Professional Track contract, consider collaborating with a proven leader in the enablement of total cost of care arrangements.

COPE Health Solutions brings the full suite of value-based care services and technology to risk network operators and participants.

Our ACO Services

  • Network evaluation and curation. Because ACO REACH is an NPI based program rather than a TIN program like MSSP ACO, there is an opportunity to select individual provider participants based on their potential to produce savings relative to the benchmark. CHS can evaluate and curate participant networks to improve performance and value creation.
  • Care management program design and implementation. Physician participants cannot deliver success on their own. Achieving the best performance requires collaboration with proactive and robust care management resources. CHS has the expertise to design and implement new programs or simply enhance an existing program.
  • Population health informatics through ARC. Success in value-based care requires having the right information, at the right time and available to the right people. CHS’ affordable and easily deployed ARC population health informatics platform integrates CCLF files with EHR and other data to create a comprehensive view of utilization, financial and quality performance.
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  • Financial modeling and funds flow. The establishment of strong connectivity between providers and contract level performance enhances accountability and reduces execution risk. By aligning operational objectives in clinical and non-clinical settings with ACO REACH financial goals, leaders can make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively. The holistic expense modeling considers medical costs and expense structures required by ACO REACH and various other entities, such as IPAs, MSOs and TPAs.

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