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Aligning physicians, hospitals and providers.

Fragmentation in the care continuum continues to plague the US health care industry, driving costs higher while the quality of care stagnates. Patients who require high levels of coordinated care (such as those suffering from multiple chronic conditions) are shuttled to multiple providers over the course of an episode care. Lack of coordination among disparate providers leads to duplicative visits, with physicians struggling to fill in gaps and relying on incomplete patient data. As a result, this lack of information continues to be associated with the rise of costs and poor outcomes. To meet this challenge head on, health systems and providers alike identifying the need to clinically integrate and define new care delivery models – ones with an emphasis on sharing longitudinal data and aggregation of services.

We assist health systems at every point of clinical integration: assessment of financial viability, contracting, network development, clinical redesign and performance management. We understand the need to invest and transform care delivery and population health management incrementally while demonstrating financial wins and improved outcomes throughout the transformation.

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