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MSO Co-source for risk bearing entities or health plans

Tackling population health with a new management engine.

We help you understand the scope of MSO service and capabilities, assess existing MSO services and capabilities and recommend solutions to optimize performance, align with market drivers, and achieve both short and long-term member management goals.

Our Approach

Leverage a standard, yet customizable evaluation tool to enable benchmarking of MSO services, pricing and capabilities against industry leading MSOs

Conduct a comprehensive, detailed analysis to assess organization’s market need, existing infrastructure (including IT), re-deployable resources, current vendor contracts and organizational readiness

Provide actionable recommendations and strategic planning to help your organization prioritize investments in MSO services and capabilities, including build/buy decisions

Develop operational plan and implementation support for any recommended initiatives or procurement processes necessary to optimize MSO services and capabilities



Allen Miller

Principal & CEO

Evan King

Principal & Chief Strategy Officer

Andrew Snyder,MD

Principal & Chief Medical Officer