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FQHC Look-Alike

Providers are struggling to seek ways to maximize their revenues and maintain healthy profits while caring for the communities they serve.

In order to better manage the Medicaid patient population, one of the most complex and challenging, providers must evaluate their current healthcare delivery structure and determine how to best address the needs of their patient communities.

Transitioning an existing or developing a new clinic or clinics into FQHC look alike can be a foundational component of an overall Medicaid strategy.

Our Approach

Align on current and potential new Medicaid strategy and clarify primary gaps and opportunities for growth, improved performance and/or revenue enhancement

Conduct a high level market scan of network in order to outline competitors, payers, IPAs and potential FQHC partners

Outline value propositions and target FQHCs that could: 1) create a win-win partnership for both organizations, and 2) increase efficiency in serving and managing the surrounding Medicaid population

Provide recommendations and strategic objectives, including any identified opportunities and challenges, based on national best practices and expertise

Develop a pro forma identifying ROI for various potential FQHC strategic options for targeted clinics, existing and/or planned new sites

Implement operational changes required to meet FQHC Look-Alike requirements

Develop a communication strategy for current clinics and FQHC partners around the FQHC Look-Alike strategy, align with any existing CBO/SDOH strategies to further enhance efforts and impact

Maintain and enhance relationships with existing FQHCs to support community needs and clearly define value propositions of partnership


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Allen Miller

Principal & CEO

Stephanie King

Stephanie King

Assistant Vice President

Kathy Walker

Executive Consultant